Welcome to Eastern Edge Studios

Eastern Edge Studios are an independent team of visual and audio artists based in East London.

Launched in 2018, the studio team comprises of videographers, programmers, visual artists and music producers, working both in-house and remotely to create punchy, memorable content for any application. With a modular team that varies depending on each project’s requirements, the studio has proved itself as an effective and flexible creative force.

With previous projects ranging from visual and audio content for corporate clients, to arthouse-style experimental short films and animations, the studio functions as both a professional content-creation operation, and bubbling hub of unique & playful design ideas. By not limiting the scope of the studio to one style, function, or aim, it retains a potent energy of anarchic collaboration that can be felt throughout the creative processes. Congruent to this approach, is the employment of a wide range of tools and programs, including but not limited to; Blender - the open-source 3D graphics software employs the same accessible and community-driven ethos that informs Eastern Edge projects. 

Born out a deep desire to experiment and play, and with a huge range of influences from underground dance music and rave culture, to arthouse films, natural phenomena, and much more, Eastern Edge prides itself on being a one stop shop for anyone needing visual and audio content for any application.



The most vital compound on Earth, one absolutely crucial for all existence on this planet and beyond; from the raging torrents that carved up even the hardest of materials over millennia, the vast oceans that contain 50-80% of all life, to the internal makeup of our bodies, it is simply untenable that reality as we know it could exist without water.

This short composition puts a spotlight on water. By divorcing it’s form from function, it makes an engaging visual showcase on the aesthetics of this fascinating compound in motion. Under this focus, splashes, drenches, ebbs, and flows all become beautiful, engaging visual patterns. Constantly shifting and moving, conforming to constraints and bursting free, the chaotic nature of the cascade is exactly what makes it artistic.

‘Flow’ showcases the team’s unique take on experimental animation, playful, sleek and refined, there’s more to discover on each watch.






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